Bramer Pain & Muscle

Strengthen muscle, regain agility, and reduce pain.

Are you preparing for a marathon, recovering from an accident, or are you just someone who is slowed by pain in every day activities?

At Bramer Pain & Muscle Rehabilitative Services, we specialize in muscle rehabilitation, soft tissue manipulation and pain relief.

With over 1,500 hours in training and over 20 years of experience, Marge Bramer is a nationally certified and degreed therapist in several forms of corrective muscle treatments.

Get your life back on track.

"Problem solving in working with the body is fascinating to me - that is why I enjoy what I do. By helping you improve your range of motion or reduce pain after an injury, my goal is to make you feel like you've received the best possible professional care."
Marge Bramer
NMT, CMT, SI • Nationally Certified • WI Licensed
Proud Business Owner in Hudson for over 10 Years

512 Third Street • Hudson, WI • 715.377.8244 •
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